Biggest Ever Natural Sunscreens Cheat Sheet

natural sunscreen cheat sheet

natural sunscreen cheat sheet

Sunshine. It’s life giving, yet dangerous. The combination of 246 sunny days per year, our love of the outdoors and the large percentage of fair skinned people here in Australia means we still have one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world.

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We get asked a lot of questions about sunscreen here at Hello Charlie. Understandable, really, as we’re pretty big around here on getting rid of toxic chemicals in our skincare.

You’ll often hear me saying that one of the ways to cut down on unnecessary chemicals in your skincare is to simply cut down on the amount of skincare products that you use. However, sunscreen isn’t one of these.

You can get away without using moisturiser, or shampoo, but if you live in Australia, you just can’t get away without using sunscreen.

In the years since I’ve been doing this sunscreen cheat sheet, not a lot of new sunscreens with natural ingredients have come on the market.

This is partly because it’s pretty tricky to release a new sunscreen in Australia, thanks to the very strict standards set by the Therapeutic Goods Administration, which regulates sunscreens here.

Before you start browsing the sunscreens, there’s a couple of things you need to know:

  1. TGA regulations don’t require manufacturers to list ingredients on products with a therapeutic purpose (as sunscreens prevent cancer, they fall into this category).
  2. The TGA regulates sunscreens, but not cosmetics with sunscreen ingredients.

So if you’re looking for a product that’s not listed here, it may be because the manufacturer hasn’t listed the ingredients, which makes it very hard to review. Or it may be that the product isn’t a sunscreen at all, but is a cosmetic with sunscreen ingredients. (There’s more info about that here).

I’ll be releasing a ‘cosmetics with SPF’ cheat sheet soon, but in the meantime, download a copy of my free ebook to find out which natural sunscreens I recommend, and which ones I don’t!

Natural Sunscreens: Researched and Reviewed

Here’s all the natural sunscreens I reviewed, in alphabetical order:

  1. 123 Nourish Me Hello Sunshine Sunscreen
  2. 123 Nourish Me Hello Sunshine Facestick
  3. ABC Arbonne Baby Care Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 30
  4. Arbonne Liquid Sunshine Mineral Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30 For Face
  5. Eco Logical Face Sunscreen SPF 30+
  6. Eco Logical Body Sunscreen SPF 30+
  7. Eco Logical Baby Sunscreen SPF 30+
  8. Eco Tan Natural Coconut Sunscreen SPF30 – Untinted
  9. Eco by Sonya Natural Sunscreen
  10. Graham’s Natural Sunclear Sunscreen SPF 30+
  11. Little Innoscents Natural Sunscreen SPF30+
  12. Little Urchin Natural Sunscreen
  13. Milk & Co Protect me+ SPF30+ Sunscreen
  14. Modere Sunscreen SPF 50+
  15. Moo Goo Natural Sunscreen SPF 40
  16. Natural Instinct Natural Kids Sunscreen
  17. Natural Instinct Invisible Natural Sunscreen
  18. Natural Instinct Tinted Face Sunscreen
  19. Simple As That Natural Sunscreen Lotion SPF30+
  20. Soleo Organics All Natural Sunscreen – SPF30+
  21. Sun Bum Baby Bum Premium Natural Lotion SPF 30
  22. Sun Bum Baby Bum Premium Natural Stick SPF 30
  23. Sun Bum Face Stick SPF 30
  24. Sun Bum Original Spray Sunscreen SPF 30
  25. UV Natural Baby Sunscreen SPF 30+
  26. UV Natural Sport Lip Sunscreen SPF30+
  27. UV Natural Sport Sunscreen SPF30+
  28. UV Natural Sunscreen SPF30+
  29. Wotnot SPF30 Natural Baby Sunscreen
  30. Wotnot SPF30 Natural Sunscreen
  31. Wotnot SPF30 Anti-Aging Facial Sunscreen & Primer

natural sunscreen cheat sheet

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It’s right here, and it’s free, so what are you waiting for? Download your free ebook now! Our natural sunscreens cheat sheet will tell you which sunblocks will protect you and your family this summer.

Further reading on natural sunscreens

We’ve got lots of other sunscreen articles that you might find useful, too:

Are we missing any?

I’ve tried to include every single natural sunscreen available in Australia, but if I’m missing any, let me know! Drop me an email at with the name of the sunscreen and a link, or pop it into the comments below.

So go on, grab yourself a cuppa and get reading!

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