Ways to use pawpaw balm

A good pawpaw balm is a multi tasking product! The papaya fruit (carica papaya) has loads of wonderful therapeutic properties. It’s anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-parastic, and antifungal. So if you can find a product that’s high in pawpaw, you’ve got a powerhouse in a tube.

Here are just some of the ways to use pawpaw balm:

1. As a moisturising and repairing face mask

Studies have shown that pawpaw cream helps significantly with skin hydration. So if your face is feeling dry and tight, slather on a layer of pawpaw balm before you go to bed. Your skin will feel smoother and plumper when you wake up.

2. On cuticles

Dry cuticles? Add some extra moisture by massaging some pawpaw ointment into your hands and nails. Do it last thing at night, and you’ll see a difference the next morning.

3. On dry hands or feet

Likewise, if you’ve got dry hands or feet, pop on some ointment before bed and you’ll wake up with softer, smoother hands and feet. Try it on dry elbows and knees, too!

4. Under eyes before bed

Pawpaw’s anti-inflammatory benefits are great for eyes! Smear a generous amount under your eyes before you go to bed, and you’ll see the difference in the morning.

Ways to Use PawPaw Balm for Baby & Beauty

5. To tame flyaway hair

Like all oil based balms, you can use pawpaw balm to tame flyaway ends. Rub a small amount on to your palms, then lightly smooth it over the ends of your hair. No more frizz!

6. Cuts, scratches or burns

Pawpaw has proven benefits in assisting burns to heal. Indeed, in some African hospitals, where they have lots of pawpaw but not enough drugs, fresh pawpaw flesh and skin is is used on burns. In Jamaica, pawpaw is often used on ulcers. Using a good pawpaw balm can be helpful for cuts, scratches, bites and sunburn, too.

7. As a lip balm

A natural pawpaw balm can be great for chapped lips. Pawpaw helps moisturise skin. Get yourself a good product, with ingredients that you’re happy to eat (because that’s what you do with lip balm!) and slather it on.

8. Nappy rash

Pawpaw’s anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties are ideal for use on nappy rash. Find a good balm with high pawpaw content, and pop it on baby’s bum at nappy changes.

9. Dry spots on baby’s skin

Has baby got dry spots on his skin? Smoothe a bit of pawpaw balm over it, and it will soon be gone.

What to look for in a pawpaw balm

Make sure that you’re getting a pawpaw balm that’s high in pawpaw. Many balms are just flavoured with pawpaw, which means that you don’t get any of the benefits.

Look for a good natural formulation, too, rather than one that contains petrochemicals and harsh preservatives. Grab our PawPaw Balm Cheat Sheet where I’ve researched and reviewed 38 balms.

Our recommendations for good pawpaw balms:

McArthur PawPaw

This is a fantastic range of pawpaw skincare. They’ve got the highest percentage of pawpaw of any balm that I’ve come across, with a whopping 60%. The rest of the ingredients look good, too. I wouldn’t use this as a lip balm or eye cream, but on the rest of the body and in the medicine cabinet – absolutely.

Little Innoscents Organic PawPaw Balm

This lovely certified organic pawpaw balm has 10% pawpaw, which is great. With sunflower oil, shea butter and avocado oils, it’s a  moisturising formula that’s perfect for the whole family.

Natralus PawPaw Ointment

Another great balm, with a good amount of pawpaw at 8.3%. (By comparison, Lucas PawPaw Balm has only 3.9%.) The rest of the ingredients are good, too, making it another good choice.

Pure by Phytocare Papaya & Calendula Ointment

Certified by NaTrue, the ingredients are great, and the pawpaw is reasonable at 6%, too. Another one that I use and recommend.

To see all of our recommendations, grab your free copy of my PawPaw Balm Cheat Sheet.

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