Brand Spotlight: An Interview with Petit Kiddo

A couple of years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting these two amazing ladies, Canelle and Morgan, from Petit Kiddo. Hello Charlie was one of the first stockists of Petit Kiddo, and it’s a great product. The best way to describe it is as a 3 in 1 baby bum cleanser. It replaces wipes, barrier cream and powder and it’s based on a traditional French recipe called liniment oleo calcaire. Or in Australian, calcium oil liniment.

Whatever you call it, we love Petit Kiddo. It’s made in Australia and born in Bondi.

Petit Kiddo Morgan and Canelle

Recently, I caught up with Canelle and Morgan to find out more…

Tell us a bit about Petit Kiddo

Our business was born in Bondi, about 2 years ago. We decided to make an Australian version of some of the baby products we were missing. We want the best of our French background and our Aussie lives.

Petit Kiddo is about unique skincare for babies and children, inspired by French recipes, and made in Australia.

Our very first product is the Petit Kiddo Baby Bum Cleanser which is our very own version of the French liniment oleo calcaire; every French parents’ best kept secret.

What’s your background?

Let’s start with you, Canelle.

Good question! From a professional point of view; I studied Business and Marketing in a very Parisian Business and Management School. After that, my jobs went from managing teams for crew of helicopters on luxury yachts, to various roles as a PA, EA, marketing admin in the cosmetic industry, music industry, video games to name a few – in France, USA, and Australia.

On the personal side,  I was born in France. I grew up in a tiny cute village – Seillans-  on the hills located behind St. Tropez and Cannes. My parents had a restaurant where I met people from all over the world at a very young age. Away from the craziness of the French Riviera but not too far. Studying in Paris was a bit of a shock to the system but it was a good shock. All those experiences combined gave me the travel bug, and I studied in Italy, lived in NYC, and visited many other countries. When I met my soulmate it was clear we would keep travelling. We ended up in Sydney with 2 backpacks, and 1 job. This was almost 13 years ago.

How about you, Morgan?

I am initially a country girl from Dordogne, South West of France and grew up very connected to nature and natural products, just because that was what surrounded us.

I became a city girl when I started studying Architecture in Bordeaux, then I moved Delft in The Netherlands and from there finally to Sydney back in 2003.

I’m always struck by the difference between the two lifestyles. On one hand I envy the way my family still lives in France with their own veggie garden, and have a lifestyle that’s very connected to the elements of nature. On the other hand, I also like a big city lifestyle like the one I have in Sydney. But then you have to deal with the constant search for good natural products because I don’t always feel that mass production is healthy enough to consume. I lived for the past 5 years in Rome and that was actually a very good middle ground between my life in Australia and France.

How did you come to start Petit Kiddo?

Canelle: I’d been doing my version of what is now known as our Baby Bum Cleanser Liniment in my own kitchen for my kids. I always wanted to share it and make it in bigger batches but kids, jobs, moves, and life in general didn’t let it happen until about 2 years ago.

Petit Kiddo Baby Bum Cleanser
Petit Kiddo Baby Bum Cleanser

Very quickly I realised how big this project could be and also how good it would be to bounce my ideas, share my doubts, and enjoy the wins with a sidekick. So I asked Morgan if she would be interested in joining me. Back then, Morgan was in Europe, slowly making her way back to Australia with her family. I knew she had been using this particular baby liniment for years and I knew we could work well together.

A few months later, our first batch arrived in her home even before her furniture – which was still on a loading dock in Italy!

Petit Kiddo baby liniment is a natural product specially formulated for the nappy area.  You use it instead of using wet wipes. A bit of our liniment on a cotton pad or washcloth will leave the skin perfectly cleansed but also moisturised and protected by a thin layer of olive oil. It’s easy to use and no rinsing needed. Anyone who tries it is amazed at how good it feels on the skin.

Do you have any upcoming or new products?

Canelle: We recently developed a Face Paint Remover. It’s a make up remover specially formulated for children’s sensitive skin.

All our products are the results of our experiences and busy lives. Both Morgan and I have 3 kids, aged from nearly 11 to 4 1/2 years old. There’s a good mix of boys and girls. We have a great network of friends but no relatives nearby to support us. We have been through a lot together! A lot of fun, cuddles, laughs, as well as challenges and bumps.

Petit Kiddo’s range of products are unique. We are offering Australian parents the best ‘earth friendly’ option. Better than just water as it cleanses and moisturises; better than wipes as it replaces the combo wipes+moisturiser+powder. As a result, it minimises waste.

When we realised we were not the only ones to be missing out on this, got working on it and Petit Kiddo was born.

What’s your favourite organic/natural product? (not a Petit Kiddo one)

Canelle: I’d say another French staple ‘Le Savon de Marseille’ but as I can’t always get it, I love Dr. Bronner’s soap bars and liquid soap. Another one of my faves is the mascara from Ere Perez.

Morgan: I love some of Caudalie skincare products as well as the Bio Nuxe moisturiser.

In Australia, I recently discovered the coconut body polish from Coconut Tree, Tsuno pads and Noosa Basics. All amazing products!

Tell us a guilty pleasure of yours

Canelle: A good mojito and a good chat with no filters with my girl friends. Also, I recently started surfing – yeah right after 12 years in Australia, it was about time! – and I’m not that good yet, but this feeling when I manage to stand up on the board…it’s good!

Morgan: No more guilt feelings anymore…just pleasure 😉 in moderation. I love a glass of wine, a healthy treat, and a spa treatment. Like most mums I think? 😉

What’s something that’s guaranteed to bring a smile to your face?

Canelle: My kids playing, laughing, and dancing. Me listening to Jamaican music, from rock steady to reggae, anything… If live it’s even better. Live music with my kids is the perfect combo to make me smile.

Morgan: Funny comments from kids, meeting friends I have not seen for a long time, and staring across South Coogee Park watching for whales.

Tell us something interesting about yourself.

Canelle: My first name Canelle means cinnamon. Only my dad wasn’t sure of the spelling! (It should have two ‘n’s in French, too.)

Morgan: I have a few things. Funny? Most people call me Momo instead of Morgan. I’ve never worn make up in my entire life. And I have two professions, one as an architect and the other as a business owner of cosmetic for kids and babies – and I love both.

What are you reading, listening, or watching at the moment?

Canelle: Reading, I’m struggling to get through ‘Corps et Ame’ from Frank Conroy.  Actually I’m looking forward to going to France to have time to sit back, relax, and start the Vernon Subutex trilogy from Virginie Despente.

Listening, when working from home I listen to French online radios like Radio Meuh, Djam Radio or France Inter (when I need to keep informed about the French news). In my car I listen to East Side Radio and FBi Radio when the kids let me choose.  And always some good old Gregory Isaacs, Bob Marley, NTM, Noir Desir (French bands) on the playlist.

Watching, currently I’m binge watching ‘The Legend Of Korra’ on ABC iView with my kids.

In terms of movies, I only watch feel good movies. I can’t watch any apocalyptic or end of worlds or drama movies since I’ve had my first kid.

Morgan: I am reading a wonderful book by Elena Ferrante (part of the trilogy) ‘A Brilliant Friend’. I am listening to French radio when working, and I don’t watch TV at all so I really am unaware of anything being broadcasted…

Want to know more about Petit Kiddo? Shop the whole range here.


Image Credits: Petit Kiddo

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Brand Spotlight: An Interview with Petit Kiddo


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