Everything You Need to Know About Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant


We’ve talked before about deodorants. We’ve discussed how lots of deodorants and antiperspirants contain aluminium. And about other common ingredients like propylene glycol, parabens, triclosan and artificial fragrances. I’ve definitely talked about the best natural deodorants, especially in my Natural Deodorants Cheat Sheet.

And although I’ve mentioned Schmidt’s Natural Deodorants before, I’ve never reviewed them. So today, I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about this awesome natural brand!

Schmidt’s Deodorant was created by Jaime Schmidt. Jaime is an American mum who was tired of ineffective natural deodorants and decided to create her own. Schmidt designed her deodorant formula to be 100 percent natural without sacrificing effective odour and wetness protection. From humble beginnings in Schmidt’s kitchen in Portland, Oregon, Schmidt’s Natural Deodorants have grown and grown. They’ve been endorsed by Alicia Silverstone and featured on NBC’s Today Show, Fox News and more.

What’s so awesome about Schmidt’s deodorants?

The Schmidt’s deodorant ingredients are all natural, and they’re also:

  • gluten free
  • vegan, and
  • cruelty free


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There’s no aluminium, parabens or phthalates. While Schmidt’s Deodorant isn’t an antiperspirant, it contains natural plant powders that absorb wetness and keep you dry naturally all day long. There’s lots of great fragrance combination made from all natural ingredients, like rose and vanilla, lavender and sage, and cedarwood and juniper. Or, choose the fragrance free formula if you’d prefer to stay dry without the scent.

Schmidt’s Stick and Jar Formulas

If you’re new to natural deodorants, you might be surprised to find that Schmidt’s Natural Deodorants come in both stick and jar formulas. Both formulas are equally effective at absorbing wetness and preventing odour, and both are all natural and easily absorbed so that they leave no sticky residue. The Schmidt’s natural deodorant stick formula comes in a BPA free applicator, and works the same way as traditional stick deodorants. The applicators are 100 percent recyclable and made from 60% recycled material.

The jar formula comes packaged in a sustainable glass jar that’s fully recyclable. To use the jar deodorants, scoop out a pea sized amount and soften it between your fingers first. Then apply it to your underarms with your fingers.  There’s a handy spatula, so you don’t need to stick your fingers in the jar.

Schmidt’s for Sensitive Skin

There are lots of natural deodorants that are made with bicarb soda. But this can be an issue for some people who have sensitive armpits. If you find Schmidt’s deodorant gives you an irritation, you’ll love the Schmidt’s new sensitive skin line that contains magnesium instead of baking soda. As a bonus, it’s got a smoother, creamier texture than the bicarb versions. The sensitive skin deodorants contain calming essential oils like tea tree and geranium to soothe irritated skin. There’s also a fragrance free version for those who are sensitive to scented products.

Schmidt’s Fragrance Free Deodorant

And if you are someone who finds that it’s fragrance that irritates, even essential oil fragrance, try the fragrance free deodorant.

How to Use Schmidt’s Deodorants

If you haven’t used a Schmidt’s deodorant before, you’ll find they’re a little different to mainstream deodorants.

Jars: scoop out a pea sized amount with the little spatula, and warm it between your fingers. Then apply it to each underarm, and you’re ready to go!

Schmidts Deodorant Stick Reviews: The deodorant stick can be difficult to twist up the first time you use them. Keep at it, though, you won’t break it. The deodorant sticks slightly the tube the first time you use it. Twist it up, and then swipe under your arm. The bicarb soda can make these feel gritty, especially in cooler weather. And in warmer weather, don’t worry – they won’t go soft or runny. I find the sticks a little irritating the first day that I’ve shaved under my arms, but not at any other time.

Schmidt’s Sensitive Deodorant Stick: much smoother than the bicarb sticks, they don’t feel gritty and they’re not as difficult to twist up. Personally, I don’t find these as effective all day at the bicarb sticks, but I tend to use these in cooler weather or if I’ve just shaved under my arms. I find that I need to apply these again during the day, but once is enough. Again, they don’t go soft or runny in warm weather.

Staining: I don’t find that these stain my clothes, but as they’re oil based you can get a slightly oily patch under your arms after a few wears. A quick swipe of stain remover gets rid of this easily. I hand washed a silk shirt with a couple of drops of Dr Bronner’s under the arms the other day, and there were no residual oil marks.

Schmidt's Deodorant Review

Schmidt’s Lavender Sage Deodorant

I spent a couple of weeks in Far North Queensland recently, and I meant to take a couple of deodorants with me. I forgot, and ended up only taking the Schmidt’s Lavender Stick. I’m not a big fan of lavender scented body products, but I grabbed this so I could try out some different scents. I was pleasantly surprised. Even though it smelled like lavender, it wasn’t flowery. It was fresh and pleasant.

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What really surprised me was how well this worked. It was so hot in FNQ that I ended up with heat rash, which I have never had before. It was 35 degrees and about 90 percent humidity. Bloody hot. But a quick swipe of the Schmidt’s in the morning is all you need. I smelled good all day. I was working hard, and I was sweating a LOT. If it works in that heat and humidity, trust me – this stuff is good!

I was also a little surprised to find that the stick stayed together, even in that heat. I was expecting it to turn to liquid, but although it was soft, it was fine and not at all messy.

Schmidt’s Deodorant Bergamot and Lime Jar

I haven’t tried this in FNQ, but I have worn it to my ballet classes. And it works! I adore this scent – it’s much more me than the lavender. It’s gorgeous, really fresh and citrussy and I love it.

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The jar is a little bit of a faff.  Not so much that I wouldn’t use it, but enough that I’d choose the stick instead. When it’s cold, it’s a bit tricky to dig out of the jar. I feel like I’m chipping bits off rather than scooping them out. Shouldn’t be a problem when the weather warms up a bit in Melbourne! And I do love that they’re plastic free.

Schmidt’s Sensitive Geranium Stick

Love, love, love! I don’t have a problem with the bicarb versions, even on newly shaven skin. But I do love the feel of this one – it’s really smooth and silky. The geranium scent is quite floral, but personally I love geranium, so I’m enjoying the occasional whiffs of geranium that I get when I wear this.

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I’ve been using this one for a week, and I’m happy with this one, too. No problem on newly shaven underarms, and it held up throughout my ballet class, too.

If you’re after the full range of scents, jump on over to iherb for the full range Schmidt’s deodorants. (iherb ship just about everywhere in the world). 

Update November 2017: Schmidt’s has been sold to Unilever. The formulations haven’t changed, and the brand itself does not test on animals. Unilever as a company tests on animals where they have to by law, although PETA has classified Unilever as a “company working for regulatory change”


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