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natural toothpastes tried and tested

I’ve had my whole family testing out different natural toothpaste brands to give you a round up of how they feel, taste and perform. If you’re making the switch from mainstream toothpastes to natural toothpaste, it can be hard to know what to try. And if they taste gross, or feel weird in your mouth, no-one’s going to want to use them, right?

I’ve discussed the ingredients and safety of all our natural toothpastes on the Safer Natural Toothpaste Cheat Sheet. But sometimes you want more than that. You want to know what they actually taste like, and how they clean your teeth.

I know that people are looking to switch to natural toothpastes for specific reasons, so at the very bottom of the post, I’ve put toothpastes into categories like sensitive, non mint, and most popular for you to help out even further.

So here goes – natural toothpastes tried and tested for you.

My family’s favourite natural toothpastes

We all agree that the Dr Bronner’s Peppermint has the closest feel to mainstream toothpaste. It doesn’t foam as much, and the ingredients are so much better, but it’s a great place to start if you’re making the switch to natural. It won’t freak the family out and will only take you a couple of days to get used to it. It’s quite a strong mint taste, so it might not suit young children, but mine are a bit older and they love it.

My favourite is the Weleda Salt Toothpaste. I love the strong minty salty taste, and I love the bits that give your teeth a super good scrub. I switch around a bit, but I always have a tube of this in my bathroom.

For kids’ toothpastes, it’s a tie between the Jack n Jill Kids fruity flavoured toothpastes and the Weleda Children’s Tooth Gel. These are all very kid friendly, and I don’t know a single little one that doesn’t love all of these!

weleda natural toothpastesWeleda Toothpastes

The Welda Ratanhia toothpaste has an unusual chalky feel, that cleans your teeth really well without harming the enamel. It doesn’t foam, so that might take a couple of days to get used to, and it’s mildly minty.

The Weleda Salt Toothpaste has a very fresh, strong mint flavour and feels a little gritty between your teeth. If you think this doesn’t sound appealing, it actually is. It’s my favourite toothpaste. It’s not at all foaming and I think it does the best job of all at leaving your teeth feeling super clean and your mouth fresh with the blast of mint. It’s not sweet at all, and it’s definitely a salty mint flavour.

Weleda Plant Gel toothpaste. Like all the Weleda natural toothpastes, this is a gel, not a paste. It’s non foaming, and it feels slightly chalky thanks to the silica. It’s sweet and spearminty rather than a blast of peppermint. My kids love this one, and this is the one the whole family agree on. When we go away and take just one toothpaste between all of us, this is the one we take.

The Weleda Calendula Toothpaste is another non foaming one. It comes out in a thick sort of paste, which feels chalky on your teeth. Which isn’t surprising, really, because it contains chalk.  It’s a gentle abrasion, and your teeth feel clean, rather than scoured. This one doesn’t have any peppermint oil, but uses fennel oil instead. It’s got an aniseedy licorice taste, which I don’t mind but my husband hates.  My kids flat out refused to try this once my husband mentioned licorice!

The Weleda Children’s Tooth Gel is the one that my youngest liked best of all when he was little. It has a mildly minty flavour, not too sweet but it tastes good and encourages children to clean their teeth. It’s a gel, so it’s non foaming. My children used this for years, and both my husband and I were happy to use this one if we went away and only took one tube of toothpaste with us. It’s our bestselling children’s toothpaste at Hello Charlie.

Riddells Creek Toothpastes

Riddells Creek toothpastes have a very soft, almost runny texture. We found that it was best to use this one on your toothbrush without any water. It’s a non foaming one, and it feels mildly abrasive. Your teeth feel nice and clean afterwards. I tried the lemon one and really didn’t like the flavour, but my youngest did. The mint one was a much more mainstream sort of flavour.

Miessence Toothpaste

We tried the Miessence Mint Toothpaste, which is Hello Charlie’s bestselling Miessence toothpaste. It’s very fresh, slightly salty and not very sweet. It is a little runnier than mainstream toothpastes, but you don’t need much and your teeth feel very clean afterwards. The hit of mint leaves your mouth feeling very fresh. My husband and eldest were not so keen, as they didn’t like the slight saltiness. However, my youngest loves this one, and I rather like it, too.

Redmond Earthpaste

Redmond Earthpaste is probably the ‘weirdest’ of the natural toothpastes that we stock. It’s made with clay, so it comes out of the tube brown and thick. The clay and the texture does take some getting used to, but your teeth feel clean and well scrubbed afterwards. It’s another non foaming toothpaste. It’s quite a thick texture, and it sometimes sputters as it’s coming out of the tube. If you store it with the end facing down, this doesn’t happen so much.

I like the peppermint version of this one – it’s a nice minty blast without being too much. It’s not scratchy on your teeth, either. My husband likes this one, too, which I was a little surprised at because it is very different to mainstream toothpastes. I’m intrigued about the cinnamon flavour, and have added this to my list to try as well.

jack n jill kids natural toothpastesJack n Jill Kids Toothpastes

Jack n Jill Kids are gel toothpastes as well. They’re sweet (from xylitol) and they come in lots of natural fruit flavours. There’s a flavour free version coming, too, but we haven’t had a chance to review this one.

My youngest son loves the raspberry and strawberry flavours, and he says that they make his mouth feel fresh and his teeth feel nice and clean. I haven’t tried these myself, because I just can’t face the thought of fruity toothpaste. Banana – urgh! Not how I want to start the day, but kids love these and it really does help encourage them to clean their teeth. The strawberry is our bestselling flavour.

Dr Bronners Toothpaste

Dr Bronner Peppermint Natural ToothpasteHands down, the Dr Bronner’s Peppermint was my family’s favourite. It has quite a strong mint flavour, which makes your teeth feel clean and your breath fresh. It’s slightly foamy (without any synthetic foaming agents), and it’s slightly sweet. More than any of the other natural toothpastes we stock, this one feels like a traditional toothpaste with the taste and texture. It looks like a traditional toothpaste, too, as it’s a paste not a gel.

My eldest son, who is at that stage where he’s embarrassed by everyone and thinks we’re all ‘weird’, reckons that this is the best toothpaste of all because it’s ‘normal’. If you’re trying to convince someone (or even yourself) to switch to natural toothpastes, this is the best place to start (and possibly to finish!).

Lavera Basis Toothpaste

The Lavera Basis Mint Whitening Toothpaste is the only toothpaste that we carry with fluoride in it. I know that lots of people try to avoid fluoride, so if that’s you, skip this one. If you want fluoride in a toothpaste, but you don’t want all the other synthetic nasties, it’s really difficult to find a good toothpaste.

This Lavera toothpaste is gently foaming (without synthetics), and it’s a little chalky. It’s quite a thick paste, and you don’t need much on your brush. It tastes and feels quite similar to ‘normal’ toothpastes. It’s got a fresh minty flavour with a slight, almost aniseedy hint. The aniseed isn’t too strong, though, and my husband rather liked this one. My youngest didn’t like this, but my eldest liked it, too.

Comvita Toothpaste

The Comvita Whitening Toothpaste whitens by using baking soda. There’s chalk in there, too, and you can feel this and the baking soda as you’re cleaning your teeth. It leaves your teeth feeling nice and clean, and the gentle minty taste isn’t going to offend anyone. I rather like this one, and the rest of the family did, too.

Natural Toothpastes Tried and Tested

Natural Toothpastes – Categorised

You may be looking for something specific in a natural toothpaste, so I’ve rounded the toothpastes into categories for you. We’ve got kids toothpastes, adult toothpastes, most popular toothpastes, whitening toothpastes, fluoridated toothpastes, sensitive toothpastes and non-mint toothpastes.

Kids toothpastes

Children’s toothpastes should be used until around 7 years of age, then they can switch to an adult toothpaste.

Adults toothpastes

Most popular toothpastes:



Mint is definitely the popular flavour for adults! Our top 5 bestsellers are all mint:

Whitening Toothpastes

Fluoridated Toothpaste

Sensitive teeth

Non mint toothpastes



A note on switching to natural toothpastes

One of the things I’ve noticed with natural toothpastes is that you really don’t need that much on your brush. So while they might seem more expensive than mainstream toothpastes, you need a lot less of them. They’re more economical than you might think.

I know that I may have missed some, but rest assured that I’ll get around to testing them all and I’ll get this post updated for you as I go.

Have you tried any other natural toothpastes? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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    Just read your fabulous post on natural toothpastes! Thank you oh so very much for that. I have used, and very much liked, the Jason Powersmile Whitening natural toothpaste which I think is made in Canada.

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