Baby Development Skills: Creativity

Play helps children develop their creativity and imaginative skills, such as role play. Creative play provides opportunities for children to try out new ideas, as well as new ways of thinking and problem solving.

How can you encourage your child’s creativity and imagination?

Ensure that your children are involved in activities where they are actively engaged. TV is a passive activity, drawing or building blocks is active.

Reading books with children will help them to visualize places and things they have never seen before.

Ask your child lots of questions about what they can see in the pictures, “What do you think the cow is doing?” “Where is the frog going?” “What is going to happen next?”

Encourage your child to think about the world around them. Ask them questions about what they can see from the car window, or as you are walking in the park.

Ensure that your child has lots of materials they can create with – pencils, crayons, paper, scissors and glue, paints, playdough.

Encourage your child to make up stories about their toys. “What is teddy doing?”

Let your child play with household objects and allow them to pretend to do things that you do – mix the cake in the bowl, or pour tea into the cup.

Provide plenty of opportunities for your child to learn and explore their environment, and to talk about what they think is going on, and watch their imaginations flourish!

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