Kin Kin Naturals: Natural Cleaning Products Made With Sustainability At Its Heart

If you’re an environmentally conscious person (and especially if you have kids), you’re probably on the lookout for good natural cleaning products. Children can be the highlight of your life, but there’s no denying that they’re messy. You want products that do the job, but don’t contain anything that might harm your children, your own health, or the environment.

The natural beauty of Kin Kin on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast inspired the range natural cleaning products.

How Kin Kin Naturals began

Kin Kin Naturals was founded by Felix and Sandy van der Kooij, who live in the tiny town of Kin Kin in South East Queensland. Felix used to work as a PhD-qualified formulator for the laundry detergent giant OMO, but the gorgeous unspoiled environment of Kin Kin inspired him to make a green change in his lifestyle. He decided to dedicate his life to making natural cleaning products that work just as well as the big ‘nasties’.

The business started to take off in 2008, and now the biggest problem they have is keeping up with demand.

What’s so good about Kin Kin Naturals?

Kin Kin naturals contains no ingredients that might be harmful to human health or the environment – no sulphates, phosphates, palm oil or alcohol ethoxylate. Instead, they make their natural cleaning products with simple ingredients like coconut soap, bicarbonate of soda, oxygenated soda, and citrate. They use essential oils for fragrance.

Felix keeps his formulations low in sodium salts as well, substituting eco-friendly potassium instead (which is actually good for the soil). All their products are easily biodegradable, even in low-oxygen environments, making them safe for septic and grey water systems.

This company takes the concept of sustainability to heart. They source their ingredients locally as much as possible, and their highly concentrated products use the minimum of resources for packaging and shipping. Kin Kin naturals likes to keep their carbon footprint small – their factory is only 200 metres away from their home.

Kin Kin Naturals – Natural Cleaning Products

They keep their product range small so they don’t get overwhelmed. Felix likes to tweak the formulations until they’re just right, with the correct balance of ingredients.

Dishwashing detergents

Kin Kin Naturals makes both liquid and powder dishwashing soaps. The Eco dishwashing liquid was tested and recommended by CHOICE. The formulation is so pure and gentle that Kin Kin Naturals has received feedback from people with sensitive skin that they no longer need to use gloves when washing dishes.

  • Liquid detergentsLime & Eucalypt; and Tangerine and Mandarin (coming soon).
    • Contains coconut-based surfactants, rain water, potassium citrate, glycerine and essential oils
    • Only a few drops will take care of an entire load of dishes
  • Dishwasher powderLemon Myrtle & Lime
    • Contains coconut and sugar based surfactants, cleansing minerals, enzymes and essential oils
    • Use 15 ml (one half dispenser) for a full load of dishes

Laundry soaps

This range has laundry liquids for regular and delicate clothes, as well as a soaking powder to remove stubborn stains. They’re all suitable for both front and top loading machines.

  • Regular laundry liquid – Eucalypt & Lemon Myrtle; Lavender & Ylang Ylang
    • Contains coconut-based surfactants, rain water, potassium coconut soap, potassium citrate, enzymes and essential oils
    • You only need 35 ml (a little over 2 tablespoons) for a full load
  • Wool and delicates liquidEucalypt & Rose Geranium
    • Contains coconut-based surfactants, rain water, potassium citrate and essential oils
    • Use 20 ml (a little over 1 tablespoon) per load and 5–10 ml (1/3–2/3 tablespoon) per tub for hand washing
  • Laundry soaker & stain removerLime & Eucalypt
    • Contains sodium carbonate (washing soda), sodium percarbonate (oxygen releasing soda), sodium citrate (water softener based on citrus), sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), anionic surfactant and essential oils
    • Use 2 tablespoons per load or bucket full of water for soaking

Kin Kin natural cleaning products really are that concentrated (yes you can wash a whole load of laundry with only 1 tablespoon of laundry soap). That tiny bit will leave your clothes smelling amazing – fresh and clean, with no strong chemical fragrances. The dishwashing soaps cut grease without drying or irritating your hands (and also smell wonderful).

You can browse the whole range here at Hello Charlie.

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Main image credit: Kin Kin Naturals

Organic Clean: The Greenest Clean

Organic Clean, Natural Cleaning

There are more people today who are interested in natural cleaning products. Maybe because there are more information out there about the effects that mainstream cleaners have on the environment and our health. Because of this, more consumers are now looking for safer and greener cleaners. Organic Clean aims to fill in that need.

Organic Clean, Natural Cleaning


How it all began

The company owners have 50 years experience between them in the organic food and cosmetic industries.

When it comes to cleaning, they noticed that the market lacked Australian Certified Organic (ACO) approved products.  If there were existing in the market, they’re normally not transparent with their labelling.

Some comes with ingredients that weren’t as safe as claimed. And some products don’t disclose their ingredients at all. After all, Australia doesn’t require this from cleaning products.

That’s when Organic Clean was born. They aim to make natural cleaning products with transparent labelling. Products that will only use safe and organic ingredients.

Organic Clean ingredients

The surfactants used in Organic Clean products come from coconut oil extracts and the soap nut tree.

The natural saponins they use are biodegradable and hypoallergenic. This ingredient is gentle on skin and clothing too. As an icing on the cake, saponins are natural insecticides and insect repellents.

Essential oils

Essential oils can add pleasant scents, yes. But they also add germ killing and deodorising properties to products. Here’s a list of the essential oils Organic Clean use:

Lavender is a versatile oil and has a relaxing trait. But it’s also deodorising and an antibacterial.

Cinnamon Bark  has a great and  lovely smell. But it is also a disinfectant, antiseptic, and an anti fungal.

Peppermint is a hybrid between watermint and spearmint. It is a great insect repellent and have strong antibacterial properties.

Sweet orange and its main ingredient limonene is a good grease cutter. Sweet orange is an antibacterial and anti fungal. But it also has anti-inflammatory and anticoagulant properties.

Tea Tree extract is famous for its antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. But it’s also an anti fungal.

Lemon is a powerful and popular cleaning agent. It has antiviral, antibacterial, grease cutting, and deodorising properties.

Lemongrass is a broad spectrum antibiotic, antiviral, and anti fungal. It is also a used as an insect repellent and as a deodorant.

Organic Clean has spent years of testing to make sure that their products are as safe and effective. They never contain bleach, phosphates, or ammonia. Plus, all are septic tank friendly.

They don’t use any artificial perfumes or fragrances either. Essential oils are a much better alternative for a scent sensitive person.

These products are as tough on dirt as any standard cleaner. For old built up grease, just spray and let soak for 30 seconds before wiping.

Certified by multiple agencies

Organic Clean’s products only uses organic ingredients. And all their ingredients are from certified organic farms. Only approved to use in organic products were used for their non plant substances. And no GMOs can be found in their ingredients.

Currently, ACO doesn’t cover cleaning products. But Organic Clean is certified with the Allowed Input Standard for Australia.

Organic Clean is Vegan Accredited and is Choose Cruelty Free Certified.

Want to know more about Organic Clean? Shop the range here, or see some of the products below!


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