Tron Potty: Foldable, Biodegradable and Disposable

Tron Potty: Foldable, Biodegradable and Disposable

tron potty disposable and biodegradableToilet training. The very phrase strikes fear into the heart of parents everywhere. Your toddler refuses to wear a nappy any more. So you go through the ritual before you go out, making sure everyone’s been to the toilet. And you’re 20 minutes down the road, when a little voice pipes up from the back seat. “Mummy, I want to go potty!”.

So you pull over, and can’t find a toilet anywhere (or you do, and it’s so gross that you can’t bring yourself, much less your toddler, to use it). So then what do you do?

Well, now you can whip out the Tron potty! They’re foldable, disposable and fully biodegradable.

Cleverly designed (by an architect, no less) to support up to 30kgs, even the largest toddler can use one of these. In fact, you’ll be able to use these up until your toddler is around 6 years old.

Inside is a biodegradable pad that absorbs up to 250ml within 30 seconds, as well as all the smells. When you’re done, just use the clever little catch to fold it away (no touching required!) and the handle to pop it in the bin.

It’s small enough to fit into your nappy bag, under the pram, or in the car so it’s handy for emergencies.

Watch how easy it is to use:

How handy is that?

And the best part about it is that it’s fully biodegradable. From the cardboard, to the bag inside, and the absorbent pad.

And if your toddler decides that no, she actually doesn’t want to go now, you can just fold it up again and pop it back into your bag for next time.

It’s lightweight, portable, comfortable and hygenic. Toilet training genius, in our opinion!

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Image: Tron
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