The nicest gift for a teacher is one that’s hand made with love by your child. But sometimes you want to give the teacher a little something, too. Or perhaps you’ve got a completely uncreative child like my eldest! Nothing on earth would convince him to sit down and make something for his teacher. Not when there’s footballs to be kicked around outside.

No matter what the reason, if you’re looking for some practical ideas for teacher gifts, you’re in the right place! How about one of these?

dr_bronner_hand_sanitiser_lavenderDr Bronner Hand Sanitiser

Because teachers’ hands are hard working hands, and they don’t always get time to wash them. How about a bottle of Dr Bronner’s organic hand sanitiser with a little gift tag saying, “Hands down you’re the best teacher around!”

Price: $7.95

cheeki-coffee-mug-coffeeCheeki Coffee Cup

If anyone needs alcohol at work, it’s got to be teachers! But since that’s frowned upon, you can at least enable their coffee habit. And since teachers, like mums, never get to drink a hot cup of coffee, grab them a great coffee mug that will keep their coffee hot until they get a chance to drink it.

Price: $29.95

eco-vessel-glass-drinking-bottleEco Vessel Glass Bottle

How about a helping hand to stay hydrated with the Eco Vessel glass bottles? They come in a straw or wide mouth version. We love the wide mouth version because you can pop some fruit inside to make a fruit water on the go!

The silicone sleeve will keep it protected when it gets knocked off the desk by an enthusiastic small helper.

Price: $32.95

everyday-good-co-biodegradable-bandages-emojiEveryday Good Co Emoji Bandages

Because teachers are always bandaging boo boos, and many of them buy their own supplies. Why not give your teacher a box of emoji bandages?

They’re super cute, and eco friendly to boot. Plus, who doesn’t need an emergency survival smiley?

Price: $3.95

weleda-sea-buckthorn-hand-creamWeleda Sea Buckthorn Hand cream

Did we mention hardworking hands?  This is a gorgeously moisturising handcream that isn’t greasy. It’s organic, it looks beautiful and it feels luxurious. Plus the fresh, citrussy scent will lift your teacher’s spirits.

Price: $16.95

badger-balm-tension-sootherBadger Balm Tension Soother Stick

So this falls directly into the category of emergency supplies, but I’m willing to bet there’s no teacher in the world who wouldn’t appreciate a stick of aromatherapy tension soother.

It’s packed with calming, soothing essential oils that naturally smell divine.

And I love the fact that it’s in a base of organic olive oil and beeswax, so it’s super moisturising, too. Ideal for popping on pulse points or your temples, and the compact size fits perfectly into a handbag or a desk drawer.

Price: $16.95

cheeki-insulated-food-jar-coralCheeki Insulated Food Jar

A hot, nutritious lunch to get you through the rest of the afternoon? Yes, please! An insulated food jar makes a great teacher gift.

Price: $34.95

 Hurraw Lip Balms

Raw, organic ingredients and delicious flavours are a perfect treat for any lips. Hurraw’s lip balms make a great small gift for anyone, not just teachers. And there’s a delicious range of flavours – ask your child to choose one that they think their teacher will like best of all. Coconut, chocolate or mint, anyone?

Price: $6.95

And don’t forget to email the principal to tell them what a wonderful job the teacher has done throughout the year. A little appreciation goes a long way!

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