Zk’in Organics: Must Have Organic & Natural Skincare Products

It’s not that hard to find natural skincare these days. In Australia alone, there are tons of ‘organic’ skincare products for practically every skin issue. But working out which brands are truly natural and organic is a whole different ballgame.

As someone who spends a lot of time researching eco brands, let me tell you it can be to wade through the greenwash and the wacko claims and find brands that I can actually trust. 

Luckily, Zk’in Organics gets it right.

Zk'in Organics

I love Zk’in’s approach to ‘honest beauty’. From their ingredients to their manufacturing processes, their packaging and marketing, no shortcuts are taken and nothing is compromised.

Zk’in (pronounced ‘skin’) is committed to being honest about the ingredients in their products and the results they achieve. The whole range is natural, ethical, and dermatologically tested. Zk’in is certified organic by COSMOS, the leading international standard for the natural skincare industry.

About the company

Zk’in Organics CEO Grace Culhaci began tinkering with natural skincare after she developed a skin condition during her first pregnancy. The situation drove her to take a closer look at the ingredients in her personal care products. It changed her life forever.

After discovering that many products that claim to be ‘organic’ and ‘natural’ are actually full of known carcinogens and toxic ingredients, Grace sought to make a difference. Eventually, she learned how to create certified organic skincare products and, using them, was able to treat her condition.

Why I love Zk’in Organics

Commitment to ‘honest beauty’

One of the things that I really appreciate about Zk’in is how they choose to market their products. Here’s how they explain their approach to promotional images:

“We do not adapt images of women in a manner that plays on insecurities. There’s no altering the size or body shape of our models and we do not use excessively thin women in any of our communications. We do amend minor imperfections in our model’s appearance and correct lighting. What you will see in all of our images, is natural honesty beauty as captured by the eye of a professional photographer.”

I have to say that I love this. How many times do you see flawless skinned (and still photoshopped!) 18 year olds marketing a product aimed at women at least double that age?

Clinically proven ingredients

I love how Zk’in never settles for anything less than the best. You can go to their website to see the clinically proven results from the ingredients they use. Our favourites are:

  • Paracress extract — Clinically proven to smooth wrinkles and lines. And it works just like injectables to remove crow’s feet and expression lines, but is completely safe and pain free. It’s in the award winning Zk’in Line Smoothing Serum. According to Zk’in, 75% of users noticed a wrinkle minimising effect the day after they first used this product.

Zk'in Line Smoothing Serum

  • Brown seaweed extract — Helps prevent skin breakdown and preserves skin collagen to enhance overall skin appearance by up to 68%. Find it in the Zk’in Brightening and Hydrating Masque, which smoothes wrinkles and enhances skin elasticity by up to 67%.

Zk'in hydrating masque

  • White willow bark extract — A natural anti microbial that helps prevent skin infections and bacteria growth that lead to acne. A natural source of salicylic acid, white willow bark extract acts as an anti inflammatory for acne prone skin. Find it in the Zk’in Clear Toner, which enhances cell turnover by up to 25%.

Zero tolerance to ‘unnatural beauty’

There’s no greenwashing and no synthetic ingredients here. Zk’in Organics doesn’t use parabens, sulphates, nano particles, or GMO ingredients.

Zk’in products don’t contain petrochemical derived preservatives like sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, benzyl alcohol, dehydroacetic acid, or phenoxyethanol.

Instead, Zk’in uses an all natural preservative system that’s vegan and petrochemical free. This preservative system earned Zk’in a research and development grant from the Australian Government in 2014 for their contribution to Australian science.

Zk’in also has a zero tolerance policy to unsustainability. The company uses BPA free, food grade packaging made from materials that are safe and recyclable.

Most of their products are palm oil free. And the ones that do contain palm oil use RSPO certified oil, and that’s less than 0.5% in just 5 of their products. Zk’in only uses Quillaja bark extract that’s FSC certified and their coffee beans (in the Clarifying Exfoliator) come from a waste wise coffee source.

Zk’in is also carbon neutral and have a waste management practice that achieves 95% diversion from landfill. All their organic waste is collected for energy creation.

All of the Zk’in Organics range is vegan and cruelty free.

Ready for natural skincare that gives you real results? Hop over to Hello Charlie and check out Zk’in Organics.



Image credits: Zk’in Organics


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